About Shanghai V-Test Semiconductor Co. ,Ltd.

Shanghai V-Test Semiconductor is committed to become the top tier supplier of test services and solutions.

Shanghai V-Test Semiconductor Co., Ltd. specializes in IC chip wafer level testing and testing program development. The company was established in May 6, 2016, with a registered capital of over 35million RMB. Our factories are located at No. 38 Dongsheng Road, Heqing Industrial District, Zhangjiang High Tech East District. The company premises cover an area of 4700m2 with a building floor area of 5700m2, of which 3900m2 is comprised of class 1000 cleanroom workspaces.

We currently have various platforms including analog testers such as MTS7000, CTA8280, etc and high-end SOC testers such as 93K, J750HD, Chroma and V50, etc. Probers include TSK UF200, TEL P12, 90A, UF3000, OPUS. These equipments can be used to test 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch wafers.

Quality Standards

ISO 9001:2008Quality Management

ISO14001:2004Environmental Management